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About Us

 T.P.H.I. has been in the pharmaceutical industry for the past 7 years, and as stated before, we are your source for medical prescription consultation and patient assistance account management.


 TPHI specializes in providing affordable prescribed medication for patients of endocrinologist (diabetics), hematologist, and cardiologist. We offer assistance to all patients who reside in the US, but are struggling with their out-of-pocket cost for their medication.


Examples of prescriptions we assist in helping reduce out-of-pocket cost down to a monthly fix rate are: brand name Insulin's (Lantus, Apidra, Humulin, Humalog, Novolin, Novolog, etc.), medication for depression, blood thinners, gender specific medication (erectile dysfunction, vaginal creams), antibacterial medication, and oncology medication. We understand the issues that may surface with finding insurance that has the prescription drug coverage you may need, and as long as you are under 65, can show proof of income, and may or may not have prescription drug coverage for the medication on our list, we can help you.

T.P.H.I is a subsidiary of a holdings company that has decided to enter into a new market and assist patients with this troubling issue of affordability of healthcare. You will be delighted by the superb expertise and knowledge of patient assistance that our representatives currently hold.


We are in the process of hiring and training specialist who will be attentive to your needs. Because of the tough, but needed federal regulations we will make sure that our representatives are in compliance and comport with society's standard of operation when handling PHI (Protected Health Information). We will post, for your satisfaction, each representatives certification as our business continues to grow.

Once again, thanks for stopping by and remember T.P.H.I is;

"American Rooted, Helping to Modify Your Budget so You Can Accommodate What Really Matters."


Stephen L. Sumner BBA
President & Founder
"Success depends on one's determination to take his destiny into his own hands" - West Point (Power Phrased)
Kirsten Morris
Client Relations Specialist
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