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Did you know that most pharmaceutical companies offer patient assistance programs to patients without prescription drug coverage who are unable to afford the cost of their prescribed medicine? However, there are many obstacles that a patient must overcome to get approved for a particular program.


One major issue patients face is health care reform. At the time the founder of TPHI was working in the industry, he was dishearten to see patients give up because they couldn’t figure out how they could qualify for a program that is for patients who do not have insurance or prescription drug coverage, meanwhile the federal government mandated that all citizens have some form of medical insurance.


Whether you have insurance coverage or not, and with our knowledge and experience we can help you navigate this difficult process and help you qulaify for these patient assistance programs. We can use the answers you provide on our Member Questionaire to help you qualify. 

Step #1 Form(s) Exchange!!

After speaking with one of our representatives to find out what medication(s) you are applying for, we will at your request mail, fax, or e-mail you:

  • Program application(s)
  • Member questionnaire, that must be filled out completely
  • Contractual Agreement that explains our services
  • Client Payment form
  • Proof of income must be sent back to us with all of the above forms which can be any of the following:
    • U.S. Income Tax Return
    • IRS Form 1040, 1040A, 1040EZ, 1040NR, or 1040PR
    • W-2
    • A copy of a Social Security/Disability Monthly Check or award letter
    • Benefit Statement
    • 1099
    • Or a copy of a recent pay stub(s) ( A months worth)

There is a portion on the program application form, as it will be explained to you by one of our representatives, which must be filled out by your prescribing physician.


Once you have that completed, you the patient must complete and answer (1) the Member Questionnaire form, (2) TPHI's contract explaining our services, and the (3) Patient Payment form.


There is an initial one time $25 processing fee that will be charged to your credit/debit card for our starting services, and this is also to insure that we have access to your quarterly (or monthly for select PAP's) payments once you're approved for any program.

Step #2 Time for Us to Roll Up Our Sleeves

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This is where we step in and go to work for you. You can either mail or fax your completed paperwork to the number or address listed on our website or contract (We strongly recommend faxing the paperwork  so we can expedite your paperwork by reviewing, completing, and editing your application, that way we can send your paper work off to the pharmaceuticals to wait for approval or denial into a program).


TPHI can almost 100% guarantee that your paperwork, once it leaves our hands and reaches the pharmaceutical review board, will have zero errors and your application will not be denied because of an incomplete form. We will notify you by e-mail or phone (if preferred) as to your status of enrollment.


If you are denied by any or all the programs for medication, we will contact you and explain the reasoning, and other then the initial $25 processing fee you already paid. YOUR PAPER WORK WILL BE SHREDDED IN COMPLIANCE WITH HIPPA AND YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED FOR ANY OTHER SERVICES. THAT’S RIGHT; YOU WILL NOT BE REQUIRED TO MAKE ANY OTHER PAYMENT.

Step #3 Congratulations You've been accepted!!

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Once you’re approved for any of the programs you applied for, TPHI will notify you and inform you of the expected delivery of your medication.


It is important to note!!!! All medication is shipped to the address that your prescribing physician uses and list in the physician portion of the application that they filled out. If you have an issue with the address, please speak to a TPHI representative before you are mailed or faxed all the required paperwork that must be filled out by you. Because of the founders experience in the industry, special accommodations can be made for shipments of your medications between you and your doctor.


It is also important to note that TPHI is not responsible for shipments of your medications, but do note that if your medication is mishandled, destroyed, or lost, some programs offer a replacement order which we will request and submit on your behalf, as long as TPHI is notified of the misconduct.


When you are approved for a program you will receive either a 30, 90, or 120 day (1, 3, or 4 month) supply of the medication you applied for, and are eligible for either 11, 3, or 2 refills (A TPHI Rep will inform you how your medication is dispensed).


We will then charge your credit/debit card $45 for each month supply of medication you received, only after you've been approved for a program.  This is why the payments will be done for most programs either quarterly or each third of the year, and will only be charged after confirmation that a shipment of a 30, 90, or 120 day supply of your prescription has been sent out. 



Step #4 Refills

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 We will place all refills for you, and notify you when an order has been placed.


The refills for most accounts we manage, will either be a 30, 90, or 120 day supply and will be shipped to the same address as your last shipment.


If your refills are mishandled, destroyed, or misplaced, good news is that most programs still offer replacement orders. As stated before, TPHI is not responsible for the misconduct of your medication and must be notified of any misconduct so we can start working on getting a replacement order for you. When a refill order has been placed and we receive confirmation from the pharmaceutical company that the a shipment has gone out, we will charge your credit card only $45 for each month supply you receive , no matter how many programs you’re enrolled in.


The total cost for membership and approval into any of the patient assistance programs is $565 for the year no matter how many prescriptions you are receiving assistance.  The $565 charge is broken down into a onetime $25 administrative/processing fee, and $45 charge for each month supply of medication you receive, which is only charged to your credit/debit card once a shipment of medication has been sent out. 

Step #5 Re-enrollment!!

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When your last shipment has been sent out, TPHI will notify you that in order to receive any more shipments of medication, a new application has to be completed.


At your request, we will send you brand new application/forms and begin the process again for you at step 1.


You will not be charged any fees other than the $45 charge for each month supply of your medication, which is only after you have been approved and re-enrolled into a patient assistance program.  Some applications just need to be re-dated and signed by your doctor and we will make sure that everything is done on your behalf.

To Sum it Up in a Nut Shell

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So as you can see, once you submit the paperwork back to us for processing:

  • We will deal directly with the pharmaceuticals on your behalf
  • We will inform you as to whether or not you were approved for one or multiple programs
  • We will also track your medication
  • We will inform your doctor’s office that medication has been sent
  • We will take care of replacement orders if your medication is mishandled
  • We will place and notify you of all refills
  • And at your request we will start a brand new enrollment year at the end of your program year

And all you have to do is pick-up your medication and enjoy the savings!

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