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We offer prescription drug consultation to patients in need of financial relief from high out-of-pocket drug cost. Our services are for the uninsured, under insured,  as well as the insured

We will complete, submit, and file all important documents so you can receive prescription assistance for a year. We advocate on your behalf to the pharmaceutical companies so you can receive financial relief from extremely high drug cost. You can read about our two main services below, as well as the categories of applications that are available through our services.  

TPHI Patient Assistance Account Management (TAM)

Your main focus should be your health and the pursuit of happiness. Why should you have to spend time finding financial resources, only to find a complex process that only leads to further stress? Let TPHI bare that burden by managing your prescription drug accounts.


We're constantly updating our medication list and will continue to add medications and programs as membership grows. If you take any of the medications listed on the medication page, after a brief consultation, you may qualify for patient assistance. This will allow you to receive a year supply of your medication at a fix rate of $45 a month. After returning to us documents that were given to you, a onetime payment of $25 will be charged for membership and administrative processing.


Only after you’re approved and we receive confirmation that your medication has been shipped, we will charge $45 for your month supply of medication. Some programs dispense medication in 3 or 4 month intervals. A TPHI representative will explain in detail how the program works, how the medication is dispensed, and how you will be billed.


Example, if you are enrolled in a PAP (Patient Assistance Program) that dispenses a 3 month supply of your medication, every time we refill your order you will be charged $135 for a 3 month supply. If you are enrolled in multiple programs or you are receiving multiple prescriptions through our services, no matter what you will only be charged a flat rate of $45 a month.


We will deal directly with the manufacturer of your prescribed medicine and your physician's office to make sure you are receiving you prescriptions on time and at a fix rate for our services. With health care reform and now TPHI in your corner, you can rest assured that your health care needs are fully addressed. 

Personal Account Management (PAM)

Don't be alarmed if you don't see a medication you are prescribed on our medication page. There are hundreds of programs out there with complex rules and regulations.  Fear Not! We also offer a full consultation service that will allow you to self-manage a prescription assistance program that TPHI does not personally manage. We will:

  • Complete your application
  • Submit and contact your program(s) administrator(s)
  • Explain how to place your refills
  • Explain how to request a replacement orders for lost shipments
  • And other essentials for personal account management (PAM)

This service is done for a onetime $25 administrative/processing fee for completing and submitting your application, and once you are approved for a patient assistance program, a onetime $40 consultation fee will be billed to your account. This consultation fee allows you full access to a TPHI representative, where you will receive in great detail, knowledge on how to manage a patient assistance account with medication not listed on our medication page TAM.


So, for a total of $65 you will be able to benefit from years of savings from your prescription(s) drug cost. If you’re already a TPHI member and enrolled in one of the patient assistance programs that we do offer account management (TAM), this is a free service and included in your service package. 

Free Initial Phone Consultation(s)

The first phone consultation is free and you will not be asked for any payments until you submit all required documents that a TPHI representative has faxed, e-mailed, or mailed to you. Give us a list of your prescriptions that cost more than $45 a month and according to your preference we will either e-mail, or call you back and let you know the assistance that is available for you. We strive to be the premiere supplemental prescription source for your medication needs, and we want you to remeber:


"TPHI is American rooted, helping to modify your budget, so you can accomodate what really matters"

TPHI/Application Categorical Defintions

TAM - TPHI Account Managed - is a program that TPHI personally manages. Any medication that has TAM next to it in a response e-mail, and all the medication listed on our medication page are attached to programs that TPHI personally manages. TPHI will explain to you how the medication is dispensed once approved into a patient assistance program. As stated before, the cost for this service is a flat fixed rate pf $45 for each month supply you receive once you’re approved, no matter how many prescriptions you receive. You will only be charged $45 for all the medications you are receiving assistance with through our services.


PAMPersonal Account Management – is a program TPHI does not manage, but does offer your prescription for free for a year. TPHI will complete and submit your application, and offer you a full consultation so you understand how to manage your own patient assistance account. This service is granted to individuals who are not enrolled in a TAM account. There will be a $25 administrative fee for application completion and submission, and only after your approved will a charge of $40 be placed for consultative services.  If you are a member of TPHI services and are receiving assistance for one of your prescriptions through a TAM account, this service is free to you and only the $45 a month charge for the TAM account you’re enrolled in will apply.


DPA - Discounted Prescription Assistance – Are programs where you can get your prescription at a discounted rate from a third party other than TPHI. TPHI does not charge for any of these programs and will offer guidance and assistance on application completion and submission.


NPA- No Program Available – is as it reads, which means there are currently no programs available for the prescription inquiry. 

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